A third of your life is spent sleeping so should’nt your bedroom be your sanctuary? Bedrooms renovations are cost efficent and do not have to include any demolition. Transformations can come from new paint, bed linens, upgrading lighting, wallpaper, texture finishes on walls, enlarging and existing closet, and much more.

Giving your living room a fresh look does not require a huge budget and doesn’t mean that you have to renovate your entire space. There are several ways to give your living room a facelift without spending a lot of money.

A fresh paint coat can change the look of a room by highlighting furniture by painting the walls dark. A new wall colour can also bring out the colour within your upholstery.

Another easy way to renovate your living room without replacing everything is by changing the windows. Utilizing a different drape style or color will give your living room a brand new look.