The concept of adding on to your home may seem easy. Just decide what you want, hire specific tradespeople (or try to finish the work yourself) and—poof—it’s all done!

But the truth is that additions are more often than not fairly complicated projects that demand the expertise of an experienced general contractor. After all, it’s not just about simply adding square footage to your home. There are windows or doors that may need to be moved or added. There are electrical and structural considerations, including the necessity of hiring a structural engineer.

In addition, there are setback guidelines that determine how close a structure can be to certain property lines. And there will likely even be adjustments to your roofline to ensure the addition resembles the original home.

And beyond those basic brick-and-mortar considerations are the financial ones. For instance, what will your project cost and would you be able to recoup those costs should you need to sell your house within the next five years? What are the comparable property values in your area? Is the project even financially feasible?

There are numerous factors to weigh in completing home additions, and you definitely don’t want to shortcut any one of them in trying to add space to your home.

The smartest way to complete a home addition is to hire an experienced general contractor who can guide you to your end goal: a space that fits the needs of your family while also maximizing the increased value to your home.

The first step in the process is to determine precisely what you really want to get out of the addition. For example, do you want to add more space to your living room to create a more open, relaxed seating area? Do you need to add more wall space to accommodate that fancy, new 100″ television? Or do you need to add a whole room altogether?

From there, we can assess whether or not the addition is even possible. In doing so, we can guarantee the end result is an addition that is legally compliant, financially worthwhile, structurally sound and pleasing to the eye. And don’t forget the most important part: it allows you maximum fulfillment from your home.